Where Do I Begin?

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Where do I begin?

Where do I begin?

At the beginning of course!

Before I even got to January 1st I decided that social media and blogging had to be put into a schedule. That would be the only way I could reach my goal this year of completing 3 books. I want to write every day, but I had to find a time to really keep in touch with all of you. Here is my decision so far. The first Sunday of the month is the day I will preplan social media and blog posts for the month so that the rest of the time I can just move ahead with the books. And the best place to do that? At our ranch because it took 40 minutes to get to this page to begin this post!

I have created a schedule so that my social media interaction is mainly in the afternoon or when I am waiting for an appointment and I will set a timer. I will not be allowing the oodles of time to slip by that I have in the past. And Not Before I Write!

While I am here I am also writing daily. The stories only get told if I tell them. Let’s take that again.

The stories only get told if I tell them.

Where do I begin?

So I will write. Every. Single. Day.

I would say if there is a dearth of photos in this post I am sorry and follow me on Instagram (@angeliquelamourauthor) if you want pics as they take FOR.EVE.R to load here.

This does give me time to write and in order to be really clear on my path on this particular draft I am writing out a treatment and I am going through a book on novel structure that asks a ton of questions. For rewriting…this might help. It has confused me too, so like any critique I could get I must take it in and figure out if the questions and their answers apply to the story I am telling. As Dad put it so well….

Where do I begin?

I must make good quality selections that move my story forward and one other thing. I must refuse to be distracted by the things that don’t either in the book or in my life.


How are you beginning this year?

Are you starting something new? On a draft? Completing your #NaNoWriMo work? Let me know and maybe we can travel this path together!

Where do I begin?

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