Where Do You Want to be Next December?

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Merry Christmas! Seasons Greetings to one and all.

I celebrate Christmas, but no matter what you celebrate I hope you are gathering with those you love today or finding a way to be especially kind to yourself.

As the year winds down and the world gets dark we find ourselves contemplating the new year. Last year I found that I didn’t want resolutions –I wanted to look at things differently.

I decided to focus one where I wanted to be in December of 2019.

And I am here. No matter what happens with the books I worked on or the people I worked with I accomplished what I set out to accomplish by December. I wanted to finish drafts of three books. I finished drafts of two but one of them is spending the holidays in someone else’s home. A step forward…My book is being read.

I wanted to help people with their writing and I have done that too.

I wanted to spend time with my kids and my husband without worry about what I should be doing because, well, I should BE with them when I am with them. I did just that.

I wanted to celebrate where I put my feet. No matter where it was in the world. My feet have travelled this year. To Colorado, Spain, Portugal, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and best of all I got to be here. Truly here in our home in the mountains where it doesn’t snow but it does freeze and thankfully this year fall was quiet.

I wanted to try some new things… I did…our youngest got me to try an aerial class or two. So fun, scary and painful!

So last December it was about goals not resolutions. It was about where I wanted to accomplish and what I had to do to make that happen.

Celebrate today and everyday. If you wrote this year that is FANTASTIC. If you didn’t –start now. There is only one person who can tell your story…You.

Merry, Happy and all! Thank you for sitting by the fire and spinning tales.

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