Writing Tips: Hero Vs. Villain

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What comes next Hero vs Villain


To have a strong hero he must fight against someone or something.

Hero vs. Villain is a tale as old as time.  Right now I had done my character work on my two leads. Or so I thought. I wrote my outline for my story. In doing so I discovered something amazing. You need to write your outline of plot from two points of view.

Your hero and your villain both need to be explored.

It will clarify so much. I had done character breakdowns for all my characters, but I had never written out the story timeline in both pov(points of view). Once you have written your first draft you need to go back and make two outlines–one of the events from your hero’s point of view and another from the villain’s.

Once I started looking at the pov of my villain so many opportunities for scenes appeared. I think dialogue will change as well now that I know his true feelings.

Think of your story as a chessboard.


There are folks lined up on both sides and as they all get taken off the board or stuck in position it always comes down to the last two pieces.

Sometimes the threat comes from somewhere you never considered.

Line those up for your second draft. Imagine the possibilities and then write out a list of possible scenes from that and see what you want to use and what makes no sense. It will add to the depth, backstory, secondary plot and secondary characters in your work.

Take a risk–You can always delete!

A good hero needs a good villain. We are as strong as what we are fighting against. And we need to be stronger still to win.

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