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This month is interesting to me–I am redirecting my life and finding what I need to be doing to feel fulfilled. I spent time fighting cancer and raising my girls and being a wife and while I still do the last two the fight has become a daily commitment to living well. I take my vits, drink my smoothie and move my feet.
I stepped down from the board and found new time for myself and my husband and my kids. 2016 may or may not have an LA event for GIT but I won’t be in charge this time around as I need to focus on my girls and their school applications, one to college and one to high school. While I was sad to give up the reins for next year I was also exhilarated as the next 6 months are freer in one way and too busy in another. I will be teaching the GIT BSE program at my alma mater the next two days so I have not let go of my passion to teach and inform and encourage teens to be proactive with their own health.

Some of these decisions were made based on losing two friends in the past year and having another two on the way out. I am embracing the friends I have and trying to be more present in their lives. I went to Vegas for The Judds opening night last week and it was fabulous. I was so grateful to have mileage to use and to be able to show up for my friends. Wynonna and I have been friends since kindergarten and it matters. You will never wonder if you worked enough hours but you will wonder if you spent enough time with those you love.
Last summer’s loss of my friend Danny and the year before of my friend Barb, both my contemporaries and both I miss dearly, caused me to reconsider how I spend my time. I fought hard to be here. I did things that hurt and made decisions that changed me forever, but it was all  in order to be here. BE HERE. Right Here. Right Now.

All around the world people are fighting to live against all sorts of obstacles. Girls needing education, people who are oppressed and people who are fighting cancer. Those people don’t question the fight. They just do it because then they get to be with their families. That is why we do it. To be with the ones we love is the main drive.

So this next year for me will find me nurturing the relationships in my life. My relationships with my kids, husband, family and friends who have all stood by me time after time. I want to rejoice and celebrate our accomplishments and our relationships and care for them. I will also nurture my relationship with my art. My writing is becoming more and more a part of everyday and I am grateful for the gift of expression through words.

Find a way to express your own art. Hug those you love. Relish the time with them.

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