The Indie Author and Amazon Reviews

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Indie Author Book Reviews

Amazon reviews are vital to the Indie author.

Please review books you buy on Amazon.

I know it takes an extra minute but to those of us in the Independent Author game it is a vital part of our success!

When you review a book you have bought it raises its status on the site. There is a whole lot of mumbo jumbo that goes on and many try to game the system.

But the simple truth is that if you review you help the author.

If you like it review it.

The thing is you have to buy the book or if it is gifted mention that in your review.

The easiest way is just go to the book’s page. Scroll down to the review section and click to review. Give a star rating add something simple like:

‘Loved it” or “It was helpful.”

If you want to write more please do but it doesn’t need to be a long piece to help a great deal.

Your Indie authors will be most appreciative.


Come back next week to discover more about being an indie author.

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