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 I believe… I know…. I am cancer free. My pet scan and brain scan are clean as I knew they would be.

So as a Science of Mind person what do I think about while the chemo is going in?

Here’s the deal.When I was nursing I would pump milk so CP and I could go out on a date, important for new parents, And when I would pump I would imagine a beautiful waterfall of milk pouring down over my shoulder and through my breast. It was a lovely image and I got tons of milk from it.

So what will I think about? Since I am cancer free I will not have the image of finding cancer—

I have the image of and army of really strong men–Marines probably –as I have now known a few and the image I have is of Strong Stout Hearted men–tall burly guys with packs on their backs and guns and major amounts of ability. These guys are on a reconnaissance mission–Their job is to find it if it is there and kill it and carry it out…but there is no guarantee that they will find ANYTHING. But if it is there they –my marines–will take care of it.
I like this image. I will hold fast to it.
Now I need to shop for more hats…or knit faster!

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    Oh Angelique…What are their names? What are their stories? As I read about them, the ones I imagined are very handsome, too! Always a beating heart for a uniform. Did anyone ever tell you…you can write! I will help in the imagery every single day.
    xox Julie

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