A Cure for Writer’s Block: Vacation Writing Days

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Do you take vacation writing days from your WIP?

I don’t mean a vacation from writing but a vacation from your WIP.

I was discussing writer’s block with an author over dms recently and I realized that this was the way to phrase what I do when I get stuck.

I don’t indulge writer’s block. I think it is a copout–That is not to say I don’t struggle with my writing from time to time. I do.

I absolutely do.


But I don’t stop writing.

I write through it in a couple of different ways.


  1. I keep writing even if it is horrid and just move the story ahead not worrying about getting it “Right.”
  2. I work on a different chapter, day, area. I create a character
  3. I leave the project and work on another one. I have no lack of ideas just lack of time.
  4. I begin something completely new just for fun and the release of all the tension that sometimes surrounds a rewrite.
  5. I change position–where I write moves to my porch or couch or a cafe.
  6. I change pov and try to see the book, or just the moment I am stuck on, differently.

The point is to keep writing.

You don’t have to stay locked in the room of that particular book, but keep writing.

The only way to break writer’s block is to go through it. And ignore it by continuing to write!

Take a vacation day and see what happens!

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