A Year Later on Covid, Writing, and Family

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On Covid, Writing, and Family

A year later a post of my thoughts regarding covid, empty nesting and family.

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Looking back at what I was writing a year ago I thought I would give you an update.

Here is where I was back in May 2020 https://angeliquelamour.com/family-time-during-quarantine/

Things have changed. We are empty nesters. Both girls are in college.

Over the past year we had lovely times of family bonding but also dealt with the loss of our beloved dog and several dear friends. It is difficult to mourn during covid. That initial rush when you would take food and go to the house of a loved one doesn’t exist. We get together and mourn on facebook and zoom and instagram. Social media is connection these days. It is not enough. It will have to do for now.

Side note: Many people have found the last year difficult if not impossible. Others have found ways to cope and thrive. I am somewhere in the middle. However I have no issue with wearing a mask. It lets everyone know you are trying to keep yourself and others safe. The antimaskers have many reasons. To them I say–if it is about your personal rights I have no words to convince you otherwise. If it is about your immunity and building it up to protect you from this…When you can go from absolutely no symptoms but carrying to extremely ill to death and everything in between I suggest you consider building up your immunity after this has died down. We still need to keep hospitals from being overrun and there is no possible way to tell whether or not you will be someone who gets it lightly. No possible way. I was the healthiest I have been prior to covid and I am back to that but that illness was a nightmare. And having it while your family does means you are not necessarily able to help them.


I now know how to find anything and everything online. I have cooked almost every night for the past 12 months. We have ordered in but not a lot.

Empty nesting–the new chapter–

Ok So I miss my kids like crazy. But I am thrilled with where they are and what they are up to. And it is nice to have no one deciding my schedule for me. My husband and I eat when we want to and walk when we want to and go to bed and get up when we want to for the first time in 23 years.

I have been sleeping 9 hours at night on average–making up for those 23 years Lol.

When quarantine was first implemented we had already been sick for 6 weeks. We were well from covid by early April-outwardly–inwardly I had migraines for a few months.

While sick I had watched people ramp up their writing, exercise routines etc for a few months while I just tried to breathe without coughing or follow a train of thought for longer than 30 minutes. Things healed and I began to write.

Once our youngest started school, albeit from home online college, I began to really commit to writing but there were still interruptions. More days were spent writing than not though.

Now I sit with one more line edit to do before another trip to the editor to see whether or not it is ready to send off to agents, etc.

Fingers crossed I will finish that this week.

It took time to heal.

It took time to move back into my life.

It took time to commit to writing but here I am, buckling down and creating!

Hope you all are well! I will be sharing a few character questions from the past two newsletters but sign up for this coming weekend’s issue for more!

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