Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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A Look Back–A Survivor perspective and some helpful hints…

PTSD The short version
Before, During and After

Ten years on I have written much and if you are newly diagnosed please head back to November or 2009 in the archives and you can follow my journey from then to present day.

Timing is Everything

What I wish I knew then …or best advice given to me…


1)Use your knuckles or your elbows for elevator buttons.

2) Hand sanitizer in your car wash every time you get in.

3)You will handle all of it but you need to rest and accept help

4)Chemo hint: carry protein with you -hunger goes from 0-60 in under 10 seconds,

5) Chemo hint: carry Weleda skin food with you because your skin will go from fine to parched like the Mojave in under 10 seconds

For more of the same you can take a look at

For the spiritual side of cancer and life—I am still working on that book. But check out my first post though the author is Charles Swindoll

And for my spiritual take on chemo—along with some Science of Mind for you check out this post

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a mixed bag for survivors. Some hate the pink, some embrace it. In my opinion if you want to help it is better to put your money to good use or your time to good use than to buy something for 50 bucks that gives a dollar—if you have the 50 donate the 50. Or the 10 or the hour. Take someone dinner or pick up their kids for them.

Breast cancer awareness month has become an industry. What hasn’t become an industry is research and cures for metastatic breast cancer(the one that kills you). Metastatic is when breast cancer invades another part of your body and it kills when it invades something you need like your lungs or brain. 30% of early stage by will recur as metastatic. This is why I am vigilant with my health. Why all of us are never through or cured. Cancer is just beyond the edge of our vision at all times. So our immune systems and our inflammation levels and our health are vital to staying cancer free.

If you are just beginning this is a time for a reset. A time to get really serious and committed to your health no matter what anyone else does or says, eating well and exercising and meditation are a part of the whole thing. You will get to each piece as you can.

If I could have given up sugar back then that would have been great but I didn’t do that for 2 or 3 years after chemo. I couldn’t. I don’t drink or smoke or take drugs so dark chocolate was my drug of choice. Still have a hard time flying without mentos!

And remember just keep moving forward. You’ve got this!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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