Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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This is me in the midst of chemo. Angelique L'Amour
This is me in the midst of chemo.

This is Breast cancer awareness Month. This year I have been fairly quiet simply because life has been busy. My 7 year cancer free anniversary was on Oct. 9th. I am lucky and I have great doctors. I know now it was a great thing to get to 5 without anything untoward happening. And now 7. I am so grateful I am here and healthy.

Now about the Awareness part: I am aware. I also know that many of us are aware of breast cancer, but what I am also supremely aware of is that many women don’t know how to do a breast self exam or are scared to do one and also many women think that without a family history it is rare to get breast cancer. Wow! Just when I thought I didn’t have further to go with all this I found myself standing in the yoga studio parking lot with two women one in her 40’s and the other in her 50’s who think these same things. I walked back inside and said to the manager, “Let’s do a breast self exam class.” It makes me crazy that this simple life saving thing is not something we all know how to do.  So back I go to teaching.

Family First Our oldest came home from college for a weekend and that was great and busy. I have been to a couple of events for BCAM. And I have been writing my book. It has also been a quiet month which is so nice. However, all of that is about to change because I have taken two steps into my future. One–I started working with an editor on my next book and Two–I have begun to work on the public speaking part of my life. I spoke two weeks ago on Indie Author Day at a local(sort of local) library and I am reaching out to do more of the same. It is an exciting time for me in my career. Everything is possible.

My Advice to You Do your BSE, get your mammogram if you are of age, eat right, lose the sugar, exercise and the time is now to get in the best shape of your life.

There is a 72 year old man in my yoga class who is amazing and he started 6 months ago.

The time is now.

Present Day
Present Day

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