Change: a Great Beginning to the New Year

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Announcing Change All Month Long!
Announcing Change All Month Long!




We all resist change to some extent. I have been trying to jump in with both feet for the last few years and just do what is in front of me. This led me to write and publish a book last year with two companion pieces set to be available in the next month. I also started work on a solid rewrite on another. In between working with my editor on that I am heading straight to my Middle grade and YA fiction. Can’t wait. Right now I am procrastinating by writing this post to tell you about it all.

Change -let’s go back to that. So Tuesday morning I got up and went to yoga excited to see my yoga teacher who is also a writer and to jump right into finding my drishti (gazing spot) for the next year. Yoga centers and calms me and I am happiest when I go to class twice a week and practice on my own as well. I love my current teacher and feel safe and free in her class. Yesterday I walked into the studio and a dear friend said, “She called in sick and we have an amazing sub so don’t worry.” I thought “Ok I will be open. I need to be open.” I went in and laid down my mat without time to speak to the instructor at the start. Several issues dating from my surgeries for breast cancer cause me some limitations but having been always encouraged to listen to my body I laid down and concentrated on my breath. I set my intention to be open and fluid.

What followed was a slow flow mindful class that was amazing and now I find I have another teacher that I want to study with. She teaches the same days but in the evening and I am looking forward to taking her class when I can. I won’t lie the class kicked my ass in some ways. Truly. But it was also so meditative I found it soothing. I know I can’t go to my regular class tomorrow as I am spending the day with my 19 year old but tomorrow evening if I can I will go to hers.

Change can be scary and it can be a good thing. To shake up our systems is to awaken and challenge us. It forms new pathways in our brains and souls allowing us to jump in and swim in the new pond. I am grateful today that I started saying yes to new things a few years ago and I don’t aim to stop now. I will embrace change this year and I will rise to the occasion as my mother would say.

I am about to launch a new part to my business. Coaching writers and teaching writing is something I love to do. So as the new year begins I will be announcing this along the way. Plans are in place. Classes are formatted and I am just about a month away from beginning.

Come jump in with me. The water’s fine and we just may learn something new together!

that’s me taking pictures of dolphins while Lisa Denning takes a picture of me! Look her up if you want a fabulous adventure on The Big Island

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