Facebook Live With My Brother!

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Conversations with my brother

Conversations with my brother.

Tonight I did a facebook live with Beau. We had a blast and the replay is available here: Louis L’Amour Facebook page: Unfortunately there was a bit of pixilation and we will try and fix that for the next time but the audio is consistent!

This coming weekend is SCBWI’s conference in LA.This is the first time I will be going to it. I am so excited but overworked this week! I have a paper to write, my own writing to prepare for an intensive I signed up for and typical mom stuff to do.

It is enough.

I promise to write about my adventure this weekend and let you all know about it in the coming weeks.

In the meantime join my brother and myself on our first ever joint Facebook Live recorded tonight at 6pm Pacific time.

–we have never done this together and I would think this is the first time we have been interviewed together for about 30 years!

I got to interview him!

I will be getting the low down on the latest projects from Dad’s work, Lost Treasures and much else.

We will do several more –next one is on Sept 5. Self PromotionWhat else should I ask him now while he is on the spot? It’s live so he will have to answer, right?


Come to the Louis L’Amour page on Facebook and get the scoop!

See you there!

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