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We talk about Focus. We dream about focus.

And the ability to give Undivided Attention to something we are passionate about it. We want it. Our kids want it. We want to give it. Focus.


For me it is a constant battle

I spent the last year doing a number of things. I published companions to my Chemo, Cupcakes and Carpools. I revamped my website(nothing linke doing your taxes to really make you aware of what you spent money on!) I started actively looking for speaking gigs. Creating profiles on a couple of sites, making inquiries. I also threw myself into coaching writers and beginning a writing group at my house. I finished a draft of a novel. I sent a draft to my editor of the non- fiction book. It was what seemed right at the time.

Now I feel fractured.

I feel I am fracturing myself. 

Marie Forleo talks about being “Multi-passionate.” I get that but for me there comes a time when I need to buckle down.

I need to center myself and clear away things that keep me from my writing.


I have decided to take on no more ongoing clients. I will do one hour calls for writers who need to work through specific problems with their books or characters. This will allow me to schedule them when I have the time.

I am focusing my attentions.

This morning this  question was asked by author, Nathan Dickeson, on his instagram:

Three months from now, will you be thanking yourself?


It strenthened my reasolve to focus.

I want to be thanking myself in June, July and August! I want to see drafts finished, contacts made and editors working on my books. I don’t want to wish I had spent my time differently.

What are you NOT doing?

What do you want to be able to thank yourself for?

This weekend I will be speaking at a women’s retreat on gratitude and resilience  through transition. In June I will be teaching two classes at a writers conference in Texas. I am thrilled about both, and before, during, and after I will be writing.













I will finish these next drafts by July. Resolve is my superpower along with resilience, optimism and the ability to take blank pages and create worlds on them.

What are your superpowers?

What’s your focus for the next three months?


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