Gifts for Breast Cancer Patients

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gifts for breast cancer patientsSometimes you need a gift for a breast cancer patient

What do you get? A blanket? Maybe,  I certainly received a number of them still in use today and they are soft and fabulous. Do you buy a scarf? Yes to both if you follow my lead and look at the ones in my Kit on .

I have several scarves and other gifts for breast cancer patients on In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month if you have a loved one with breast cancer I have a number of ideas for you.

Blankets, Scarves, The best ever water bottle, and of course, my books. I will be adding to this over time, but I put it there to help people.

I began my blog in October of 2009 with a desire to keep my own faith and hope strong by writing about it and to be a resource.

I try to be a resource for families in treatment for cancer. Take a look and if you want to know how it was for me go into my archives on my blog and search back to October 2009 I was pretty clear about my experience and it is not a scary place. Google may be scary but I tried hard for my blog to not be scary.

That said, I didn’t sugar coat it. I just didn’t over dramatize it. Cancer is scary enough. Fear is the enemy to the cancer patient.

As Kris Carr said it so well, “Fear is the Cancer.”

As my husband and his best friend always say, “You know how to not be scared? Don’t think scary thoughts.” The way I did that was to hire an oncologist whom I trusted to think those scary thoughts so I could go through treatment with her suggestions and just concentrate on being the best parent I could be while taking care of my health. gifts for breast cancer patients

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