How to get rid of THINGS 1-800-Got Junk and Thred Up

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I got serious about clearing out this year–it started in April and spread into June. I did it myself and then I hired our babysitter, lovely girl from the local college, to help with our tuff shed and our garage. I have found how I like to do it.

If it is a room, garage, attic space I like to remove everything and put it in my driveway and go through it. If I don’t have time or room I will do an area of an area.   For the tuff shed I made use of our baby sitter and a friend of hers–I asked her to recruit a tall strong boy and she did.
Then as we made our way through the stuff I called 1-800 -GOTJUNK to get rid of stuff click here and they came the same day. So once it was separated it was GONE! how fabulous! They come, eyeball the load and give you a price. Then they recycle or donate  what they can and the rest goes to the dump. It is worth making sure you have enough stuff that you can’t put it in the back of your own car or that the things you have should go straight to the dump. The guys are nice and will clean up after themselves.

As for clothes–I have a friend with a bunch of kids so she gets some of it, but the majority goes to THREDUP.Com.  They take women’s and kids clothes, shoes, purses and some accessories. It does need to be of good quality and in good shape but they take gap and Banana Republic and other such stores. The majority of resale shops around me are only interested in designer items. I don’r really live that way. So my daughters and I have gone through our stuff and sent it off and I have gotten money back from resale that allows me to purchase new things for them without stressing. It is not a lot but it is nice. Kind of like a garage sale that someone else puts on! It takes time to get your money but they will deposit it into a paypal account within a few weeks. I just keep sending out so I always have some coming in! and it’s not small change–somewhere between 50-100 a bag if it is what they want. Most of the time they do want it and they are taking some designer goods which will go on consignment for more money. And to top that you can use your earnings to purchase clothes on their site. With kids that is quite a bargain as they grow so fast they are barely in an outfit before it is too small.

The rest of it goes to goodwill or the veteran’s or some other charity.

I have been fairly regular about the clearing out and next month plan on going through my winter coats with a vengeance and sending them off to Some I have had for 10 years or more but they aren’t the ones I grab and they aren’t the ones that I take when I travel back east in the fall and winter.

Thought to self—the only thing I may need in the next few months is a dress for next year’s L.A. event for Get In Touch. That is a freebie because when I find it I need to buy it!

I’m not really planning on publishing everyday right now but keep checking back for more–it is all leading up to my October push for breast health awareness.

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