I count on my friends

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I have been the recipient of so many prayers and kind words…you may not feel it is enough simply to send a note and email or a comment here–I assure you, my friends, it is amazing—everyone is quick to tell me how brave and positive I am –the truth is…you make it happen.

 I keep my chin up high, I put my faith in God and when I need a boost you are all there to give it to me. I am saving the emails, and the notes  and rereading them and remembering them when I need to. i am so grateful to my family of friends. I have my sense of humor intact.

I have the promise of new perky breasts and a long and happy life. I know I have the strength for this but really wish I didn’t have to travel this particular road!

One the bright side–when I have my wig my hair will only have good hair days! No extra frizz no wigging out curls just nice even curls–
K wants me to go straight! I can’t imagine but I may try a wig to see.

Thank you to everyone who is reading or has sent me a note …

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