Imposter Syndrome

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Do you think I am successful?

What is success anyway? What is it for you? And for me?

Money, Fame, An Oscar, reaching the top of a mountain?

I do deal with imposter syndrome. I doubt myself and what I have written on occasion. When I do, I get up from my computer and do something else. That little negative interject discussed in this post has a loud voice sometimes. When I am writing consistently it is very quiet. All it takes to get riled up is for me to ignore my writing for a few days. Or get notes back from my editor!


This blog began with the name “My Story Right Now.” You can read the very first post here and the next one here.

Though it was mostly cancer centered at the time the title is still a good one.

My story right now…focus on what is actually going on.

How do I gauge my success or failure?

Here is my definition of success in my life right now:

Happy, healthy, engaged kids and husband and me

Writing, if not daily at least as often as possible. If you want help with that checkout the newsletter for more here

Health is a priority, meaning I am taking the time to work out, walk, do yoga, get outside, and breathe.

I don’t look at failure. What I look at is how I am striving to do better. I look at my consistency. I don’t consider failure as part of the situation. Unless it is failure to persevere.

So we come to imposter syndrome…Can I write? Am I good enough to even attempt writing a book. Seriously, how does one get better without writing?

The answer is: you can’t.You can’t get better without practice. Consistency is key.

Oh and one more… Will I measure up to my Dad? ( who could?) He was an amazing storyteller. I can only tell my story my way. This is what makes us unique. Only I can tell my story and only you can tell your story.

And then the big question…

Will my book sell?

Aye there’s the rub!

The answer is simple…

We don’t know. I certainly don’t know. That is not my job.

My job is to tell the story as best I can and do my best to get it in front of readers as best I can.

That is a lot of bests.

But it is where my focus is.

Just. Write. The. Story.

Imposter syndrome

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