I was diagnosed with Cancer on Sept 24th 2009

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Here is what has been happening since: please note that prognosis and diagnosis has changed since my surgery but this is how it started and my thoughts at the time.

Okay—for the record—In NJ in June I was showering and I felt a lump. It had not shown up on a mamo prior to that. I put soap on my body in a way I never had before. I saw Randy he sent me to Dr. S. Who felt some thing—did a fine needle aspiration—results were negative. Did another mamo, did an ultrasound—nothing…told me to wait a period or two and see.
—I went off of all caffeine, started vit,d upped my fish oil—nothing changed, nothing grew either. I went back for an mri—because Dr. S was confused—something was there nothing was showing…I paid for the mri out of pocket. The mri dr said get another look with a core needle biopsy. I did that on Thursday. Results came back as DCIS—ductal carcenoma in situ…the worst  and the best. I have cancer. But it has not moved it is still with in the cell and the duct. Cure rate is 100%. Reoccurance is remotely possible. Dr S wants mastectomy with reconstruction because it was so hard to prove and find.
I am 45 years old. I am married to an amazing guy and I have two perfect kids. I have a wonderful silly dog and my friends –though spread around the country and the world are here for me —I have only told one. Tuesday, Sept 29th we find out options and I have the test for the gene.
I am teaching two classes free at school—I will see what that means…I will be having surgery probably in oct to remove and rebuild at least one of my two breasts.
Nurturing, that is what they are for. I brought two babies into the world. I fed them from my breasts—they gave them life—they were their only sustenance for the first 6-8 months of their lives. They grew and got strong from my body from the moment of conception. The work of the breast has been done. I can live without them if need be. I have always thought this.

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