8 Years Ago

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To my writing clients I will be back to writing about writing shortly but today is special…

              8 years ago today I became cancer free.


How long that cancer had been growing in my chest is anyone’s guess. I have written about it here and here. This blog began as My Story Right Now in October of 09 and my first post was this quote:

8 Years ago

October 9 2009 for me is my Cancer free

Anniversary…Cancerversary really.


I don’t count the day we determined it was  breast cancer nor do I pay attention to the day I found the lump in my chest. Every year I write about it and I post about it to convince my readers, friends, relatives of the importance of Breast Self Exam, regular checkups, exercise, peace of mind, healthy diet, mammograms and self care.

This cancer knows no demographic.


It appears in men and women, as young as 10 months as old as old can be these days. It appears in rich and poor and in every country in the world. John Adams daughter had a mastectomy in her bedroom in the 1700’s and eventually died of metastatic breast cancer. Breast cancer as it is doesn’t kill you. It kills you when it travels without stopping to somewhere else in your body.

 The goal once diagnosed is to stop it.


8 Years ago
The Day after my double mastectomy. A picture I took for our daughters so they could see me smiling.



8 years ago this day was misty and cool. Today is bright and sunny.


By this time of day(9:55 am) I was already in surgery, my body having been drawn on with pens to determine the lines they would follow for my mastectomy. I don’t remember being scared of the surgery so much as scared of what they would find.









I have done my best to do everything they want me to. They being my surgeons, obgyn, oncologist, complementary medicine dr and my regular doctor.

I did chemo- 6 rounds of taxotere and carboplatin, 18 of herceptin, tamoxifen for 5 years—ok 4 years and 10 months—I exercise. I eat right. I dropped sugar, dairy and gluten.

The sugar…well that I need to be consistent with so I am reengaging my energies toward that end because my blood sugar is higher than is good —not diabetic though-and my weight while healthy for 5’10” is not healthy for me. I have always weighed on the lower end for my height until cancer, chemo and menopause kicked my butt.

8 Years ago

I am, on this auspicious day, grateful. Incredibly undeniably grateful.

I get to be a wife and mother and writer. I get to move ahead with my life. I have watched my girls grow for 8 more years and plan to be here for so many more.

I thank God everyday for every day even the hard ones.

Not sure my family remembers what today is but it is about me after all. I kind of hope they forget and that October 9 is just another day.

Now my birthday on the other hand…




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