Ireland and a hitch in my git-a-long

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We have been dreaming of Ireland for years. My husband’s family and my family are from there and we have wanted to go for a long time. Finally this summer we are. I have made plans, still have a few ends to tie up, but tickets are bought, passports are ready and we have a ride to the airport.

Two weeks from now.

So today I have one of those moments when I have to do something extra. As I have said before, many people think the cancer thing is over with the end of chemo or radiation or both. We still get looked at closely. And some of the treatments have long term risks. Tamoxifen raises your risk of uterine cancer. It’s a fact. Today my amazing obgyn is going to take a little “looksee” and find out how I am doing.

I sit here writing this with no real worries, but the aching realization that I can’t eat or drink til it’s over and it doesn’t start til 12:30! Ugh. I was not aware of how many times I grab something as I walk through the kitchen to my desk. Can’t do that today.

I write this post for two reasons, one so you will pray for me and my team–which is made up of my family and my drs, nurses, techs, etc and the other so that you will continue with compassion toward the survivors in your lives. We really are amazing with all we go through.

I will try to post from Eire.

Reading lots of fashion blogs these days. I have no real desire to do one, but I might post a bit about packing.
Years ago I helped a dear friend of mine pack from three suitcases into one 22″ and a carry on for a 6 month trip around the world and then 6 months in South Africa. We did it in one afternoon while her daughter and my daughters played in the pool of her rental house. I should be able to pack for three weeks in 50-65 degree weather and rain and keep it under 44 pounds shouldn’t I?
I’ll let you know…

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