It’s Book Block not Writer’s Block

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It's not writer's block it's book block

Writer’s Block is a lie.







As I have said before I don’t believe in writer’s block. I really don’t. I am never at a loss for words. Ask my friends and family, I always have something to talk about. Therefore I always have something to write about. Last week I did a facebook live with my brother, Beau L’Amour. You can find it here: Louis L’Amour Facebook page videos. On that live we discussed writer’s block but only briefly. I thought I would expand on what I said.

I don’t believe in writer’s block.

I do believe in book block.

I think you can get blocked on a book but I don’t think that is what is really going on. At least not for me. For me I believe the book is always living in the back of my mind. Much like when you dream, problems are being solved and my imagination is doing things on its own. I find that when I leave a project for an hour, a day or a week I come back to it refreshed. Working on a deadline you don’t always have that luxury.

Tony Robbins has an idea about changing your state.

He suggested long ago to tell a story to a friend about something you really enjoy or a moment you were on top of the world, and have them watch your body language. Much like the physical act of smiling can lift your spirits, if you emulate the body language you have when you talk about something you are proud of or happy about you will feel a rise in self confidence. We have a daughter who loved to jump. When she was little and upset I would tell her to jump and it changed her immediately. The power stance from Grey’s Anatomy, My husband talking with his arms held higher than his waist. All these things lift spirits and engage feelings of strength.

Change your state.

It's not writer's block it's book block








If you get stuck, walk away a minute and then try one of your moves.

I sit up and lean forward. I also talk with my hands. Do something different. Play like a child for a minute or five or 30– If that doesn’t work try one of the things from my graphic below!


It's not writer's block it's book block

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