It’s that month again

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It's that month again

I’m trying to write, visit a college and help a friend who had surgery…Mom LIFE!

PTSD The short version

Breast Cancer Awareness month has come considerable significance for me. I was diagnosed the end of Sept 09 and had my surgery in early October.

So here we are in all things pink.


One request…could you please Think before you pink? Not all pink products give money to charities, research or any organization that helps those with breast cancer.

You can do anything for 5 Minutes

Here is my list:

Cowgirls vs cancer– found through


The Sam Fund

The Breasties

Young Survivor Coalition


Stand up 2 Cancer

I may write about it or I may not this month but for now suffice it to say that I believe in these organizations .

There are more but please do your due diligence by checking things out on charity navigator or other sites. So if Breast Cancer Awareness month is something you wish to support I just ask that you make it count–$10.00 is better given directly to a group you believe in than giving $25.00 to buy something but they only donate $1.00.

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