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For the past two years I have been working with the word “Devotion.”

You might remember this from here:

When 2020 rolled in I thought, “That’s a good word for right now. I think I will keep it for 2020.” What a year of devotion, right? I had to be devoted to my family, my health, our home, in a whole new way. And it was tough. On all of us.

I had a conversation recently with one of my “wise women.” This group doesn’t even know that they are a group! It is a small group of women who’s advice i trust and who I hold dear. They also always seem to show up with the perfect advice or encouragement at the perfect moment.  My friend, Gina, said, “This is your year… you just keep going… keep that momentum up.”

We hadn’t spoken in a year or so. Maybe it just seemed that way. 2020 and all that.

Momentum. Gain it. Keep it. Move with it.

So 2021 has a word–without me even thinking about it.


I will keep moving forward with the momentum I have built through the last two years of devotion. Not leaving devotion behind mind you, just working on it being the driving force behind the momentum I have built.

Last year my whole family had covid-19. I wrote two drafts of my book. I moved a kid from NY to CA to TX and another moved to NY. Said goodbye to too many friends and to our precious Patriot. But also said hello to new friends. I learned and I grew and so did our family. We grew close in a way that nothing can wreck…not even a pandemic.


Let’s move forward into 2021 building on what came before. For some of us that may be building on what came before 2020 interrupted our lives. For some it may be just putting one foot in front of the other.

Yes I am making t-shirts this year so hold tight for those!

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