My Uggs

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These are my ugg boots–perhaps a strange thing to be thinking about or writing about. Perhaps not. I bought these boots back in 2009. We went on a trip back east and the night before we left I caught my heel on the door coming in from the garage. The whole trip I kept dreaming about a pair of ugg boots. My heel hurt so badly. I may have even ordered them to be delivered to the house while we were gone. That was the trip during which I found the lump. When I got back I put on these boots and went, “Ahhhhh…”
 I wore them to many doctors’ appointments. I wore them to chemo from chemo 2 through chemo 6. I didn’t wear them to the first one. I wore cowboy boots, Old Gringo Nevadas, to be specific. But then I learned how cold my feet would be from the icing of my toes to keep my nails intact. I wore the uggs from then on. 
Now I find myself at a time of change. I am ridding myself of clothes that are too big(finally losing the chemo weight) and I am retiring things I no longer wear. I can’t get rid of these boots. They are an old friend to me. So I took this photo and I put them in my attic closet where they hold a place of honor on a top shelf. I will wear them again. They will be my beach shoes on colder days. But I want to open my closet doors and not be reminded of the past every time I look down. I have a new pair I need to make new memories with, that were given to me by my family at Christmas time. They are entirely different in style. And I have a pair I bought for myself which are from Celtic Sheepskin in the UK and come up to my knees. But these will always be the ones who knew me when. I bought them at the beginning of it all and I wore them until it was time to start anew.

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