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Not doing lots of pics this week, just information!

Sunscreen my gateway drug into clean beauty.

Before I jump in here I want to thank you for sending in your comments on what kinds of posts you want from me. I will be back with writing, life and Dad next time! For now I will get on my non-toxic soap box.

In 2005 after years of using home cleaning products and laundry soap that was fragrance free and clean from Seventh Generation and ECOS and such I began a search for sunscreen. Our kids were 3 and 7 and we were headed to Hawaii.

I couldn’t find information anywhere. Until I stumbled on a European coalition website that listed all the ingredients banned in Europe. The US had banned a tiny amount of chemicals in personal products compared to Europe. I studied and I researched and I bought sunscreen from this company. I bought a few things from them but buying on the internet was still beginning at this time and I searched for products here in the states that I could buy off the shelf. I was 4 years away from being diagnosed with cancer. I had eaten 80%organic since 1986 and my kids only got organic fruits vegetables and dairy among other products.

Side note–have you ever looked at the ingredients in tictacs? in the US the list is long. In England the list is sugar, mint (maybe water) it is three ingredients ours here has 3 times that and several you can’t pronounce.

Environmental Working Group began a website and has a section called skin deep. This is where you can put in any product you use and see how it rates for safety. They also have more information on clean beauty products–the website is awesome! I was stunned at certain companies whose products seemed to be on the safer side but weren’t. Search something you use every day and remember that if a chemical is touted as safe by the company itself it may not be at all. It may not be when piled one upon the other–moisturizer, sunblock, foundation–all add to the straw on the camel. We are trying to lighten the chemical load.

Another place to get loads of info on what you are using is the think dirty app. you can scan a barcode and see what is up.

This is a rabbit hole of wellness you are heading into.

I don’t work for any of these companies and I don’t receive compensation for this post.

Below is the list of companies I currently use and of stores you can use to find them and others, as well as information. These products are clean according to my research, some are organic as well. Sometimes formulations change if a company gets sold. I cannot guarantee products only tell you what I am currently using on February 10, 2020.

Please take the time to learn about this. Your health may depend upon it and the earth’s health as well. I don’t necessarily agree with every product at every site but Paris Laundry is really serious about vetting products. It is a one woman shop and she is a cancer survivor, young wife and mom of four.

If you are interested in learning more you can also watch the movie Toxic Beauty (I will watch tonight) Here is the trailer: that talks about a lot of the things I mentioned. I am a cancer survivor, no family history, no genetic mutation. What I am is a woman who grew up in Los Angeles post WWII. After the war there was a huge influx of chemicals into our lives, our food, our homes and our bodies. These were untested. “Better living by chemistry.” A little bit won’t harm but what if you use it for years or you use it in one product to add another bit from another product?

Why did I get cancer? Don’t know. Why did I have allergies and endometriosis and miscarriages? I don’t know. What I can do is help people to clear their lives of as many chemicals, harmful chemicals as possible. I am grateful for the ones that save my life. I want to find non-toxic hair color that works for me.




  • Biossance Right now my primary products are from biossance. You can get them at sephora but their “Green at sephora” isn’t all it is cracked up to be.
  • I have a few things from them–their face cream saved me in NYC last November–my face was breaking out when I was in NYC. Also nice handcream but the instagram is awesome and you can learn a lot from Sarah the owner.

MAKEUP–The list is long but I love playing with makeup so I don’t use everything every day. These are the companies I trust right now. BTW did you know there is lead in some lipstick? Check this article out: We have known for awhile now that food dye and artificial flavor and color are detrimental to ones health. These things are also known as being triggers for kids with ADD and ADHD so parents who learn about them remove them from their kids diets. Can’t imagine it is good for anyone else either.

I realize this is a lot of information for one little post on a writing blog! If you change one thing change the thing you use the most or what covers the most of you. Moisturizers and shampoo and conditioner.

My next post will be back to normal. I am loving hearing what you want to read from me–keep the comments coming!

Happy Writing!

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