Six steps before you submit your manuscript

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I am just about to hit send on my manuscript to my editor.

I have a few quick steps to take first which I will share with you here. And a few tips on how to make it easier.

  • I always rewrite with a new document and my old draft open. I move chapters at a time to the new doc and edit or rewrite from there but when I mentioned having two docs open at once I did surprise some of you. It seems so simple but is such a great way to keep track of where you are in the process while giving you a chance to write into a flow.
  • I check spelling, grammar, and punctuation by rereading not simply counting on my app to do it for me. Really hate there used when their should be.
  • I read through for each character name to make sure it is consistent and clear in dialogue.
  • I read through for descriptions to make sure they are consistent–cars, houses, injuries, etc
  • I format.
  • I read through one more time but before I make myself crazy trying to read in Times 12 pt I use the view feature to enlarge the manuscript without changing any formatting. I like 200% and up.

Then I take a big breath, attach the document to my email and hit send.

What are your last steps?


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