Summer Plans!

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Summer plans!

Summer School, Summer Camp, Summer Travel, Summer Plans!

I am busy making plans for my three months of what I consider summer. June, July and August. I am taking a break from coaching but if you want to be on my fall list please email me through the “For Writer’s” tab above or here:

How to reach me with your summer plans

How to keep in touch…

I plan on traveling and taking another college course so the best way to keep up with where my writing is taking me is to sign up for the newsletter. If you are a writer go to the For Writers and you will get exercises, and info on contests, conferences, etc. Here is the link: If you are a reader who is just interested in my work and what is up with my life and parenthood and survivorship please sign up under the “For Readers” tab–you will get an email with posts that are of interest to you. Here is that link:

 summer plans, Summer School!

I went back to college in 2017.

I took three classes and then took the rest of 2018 off. Now I am back at it for 8 weeks July 1 to August 28 with Natural Science. This is a requirement for graduation from Excelsior so that is why I will be taking it this summer. I am looking forward to moving the dial towards graduation by taking another class. If I can only take a class a year at least I am doing it!

I am still on track with my writing plan for the year though that cold thing took a bite out of my time. Hard to concentrate when you are coughing every other breath. As I approach the first trip of the summer I need to write a bit more!

Summer plans!

What are your summer plans? I hope it involves some time outside. I think most of the US had a really long winter. Even here in LA we just got two more storms and 1 and 1/2″ of rain! It rarely rains in May here but, yep, it keeps coming. That leads to both good and bad. Our land is happy, my flowers are ecstatic but we will have more growth to dry out as the summer progresses.

Summer garden--the place to get outside

I plan on living in my garden and reading outside as much as possible. No more hibernation!

Don't hibernate!

Happy Summer!

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