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My Teaching clothes and lecture clothes are much the same…pants from Banana Republic that I bought on sale before I went through jury duty and a couple more pairs form earlier this year when I had a spate of interviews for GIT. I have a pair from Alice and Olivia that I love and hope will fit for a bit longer. Last year’s 31 Days of Pink episode means I have shirts as does a tremendous Bloomies sale in June.  Usually it is a pair of pants and a blouse and comfy shoes or boots. Clean, neat presentable but not too casual and not too grown up and office like for the girls I teach.

My Business clothes and luncheon clothes are a mix of the above things and a suit or two. The suits I have had for a long time. Honestly when does a classic suit go out of style. And I bought a blazer and a couple of tops for the TV interviews we did with the event.  I also found dresses I loved.

Once you find a designer you fit it is hard to go elsewhere. But since the designer that fits is Michael Kors and I can’t afford him I had to go elsewhere. I found DVF wrap dresses–this was something I always thought was off limits to me based on the hourglass thing til I realized you just have to get them big enough to fit the biggest part of you and then wrap the heck out of them. They have to have enough  fabric though so the original is best. I buy a size I will not repeat but it fits like a good three sizes smaller on me and gives enough fabric to cover the…ahem…girls.

I also discovered Elie Tahari–I can’t wear any pants buy him but I can wear his dresses–a size up and then alter them to fit. I wore a DVF at the Milford CT. Get In Touch event

Love this dress too–really comfortable and the pattern makes things disappear if you know what I mean…

 and an Elie  Tahari at the LA event.

I love this dress and I can’t wait to wear it again.
It’s the greatest color–I love pink but I need really dark pinks to look alive in photos, too light and I get washed out. 

I bought classics and I can wear them all again–though the Elie from LA I think I need to not wear to a photographed GIT event. I will never know what year the pictures are from. Elie makes a terrific sheath dress that zips up the back in numerous colors and patterns..A perfect shape for me.

So this past year–and one of the reasons I can be so bold as to put the cabbosh on shopping–is I bought classics. the wrap dresses and the sheath dresses and the blazers and pants. It really allows me to stretch my budget and not purchase anything.

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