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The indie author mailing listThe mailing list is a vital part of the business of  the indie author.

Some indie authors mail a lot. I don’t.


My goal has been to help people with their writing.

My exercises are usually not about beginning something new for the sake of the exercise though you certainly can do that. Instead my exercises are geared toward expanding and developing your current project.

When you sign up for my list you get 6 emails in about two weeks that are all writing exercises and then it slows to once a month. My newsletter goes out with an exercise or something that will help you develop a piece of your writing and includes any personal appearances I am doing along with a couple of book events, festivals, contests,  and the like that are happening that month.

If you like an author, sign up for their list.The indie author mailing list

The emails you get will also include notices of new releases(can’t wait to be able to do that!) sometimes a contest or a free giveaway. It is the main marketing platform.

Please  sign up for my writing exercises and enjoy those while we all work on our books!

I am making some appearances on podcasts and interviews and the like in the next few months. I will announce those either in the newsletter on the blog or both!  At the moment I don’t have a new release just yet but I will.

If you need extra help, reach out to me for private coaching.

I am always interested and can let you know my availability when you email me.

Why not start here? Get some character help and jump on my list for more helpful hints! Click on the box!



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