the last week before the last one

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So as you can see from my inconsistent posts I am very busy—
first off –they changed the date of the play–yippee! no more worries.
I am thrilled that next time I just get to get better…move forward. Without the steroids I am taking longer to rise from the ashes so now it is 10 days instead of 1 week. K has a soccer tournament that is an away tournament and wants me to go—don’t know if I will be up to it. It is 10 days after…
We’ll see. I wish I could say yes absolutely but I can’t…anyway it will soon be behind me.
The hard part is that I have lovely friends who want to see me and when I finally get to where I am today–I have so much to do while I feel good…next month I won’t have to rush to do things before chemo–that will be great.

I am also thrilled that this time I will get back to eating like a human and exercising like a human and then I will start to look like myself again–and my hair will come back even more than it did before.
Next monday we have a change with my chemo–my friend S will take me as my husband will be going on the 2nd grade field trip with S–but I will still spend the night at mom’s and of course she will join us.

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