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Okay I have a great attitude and I have the Marines and truth be told I have an exceptional life.
We had the most magical ride home from dinner with the girls. They had the windows down and we were driving our country roads home–all the back roads with no traffic and no lights and the stars above.

But –just so you know I do have moments–very real moments when I allow the fear and embrace the anxiety and cry into my pillow. Then I get up and look God in the face and move forward. I do not deny the very real feelings but most of the time my very real feelings are positive. I stay in the here and now.
I follow my Science of Mindfulness.

In this months O magazine–Oprah interviews Thich Nhat Hanh. In the article are so many things I would put here if I could—basically the whole interview is wonderful and he and I have much in common—I would like to have more in common with him…
“…when I practice this exercise of breathing in, I’m aware of my eyes and realize that they are still in good condition. There is a paradise of form and colors in the world. And because you have eyes still in good condition, you can get in touch with that paradise. So when I become aware of my eyes, I touch one of the conditions of happiness. And when I touch it, happiness comes…. you need the practice of mindfulness to bring your mind back to the body and establish yourself in the moment. If you are fully present, you need only make a step or take a breath to enter the kingdom of God.”
Read the article if you can it is wonderful.

I wish everyone to take a moment, this moment, right here, right now to stop and realize this breath and when you realize this breath you are meditating. It doesn’t take a pillow or a candle or a class or music… it only takes a moment…here…and here.

Love and peace and now to you all…

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