Update on My Life and Weekend Plans

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My plan for the year was simple–

1.finish my wip draft and send it to my editor by March 23

2. preplot a novel

3. map the plot of my first draft of another novel–this is one I had worked on and I have 3/4 of my first draft done but to get back into I need to map it out.

4. I wanted to also finish first drafts on the last two

Great news!

I turned in my WIP last week! I am ahead but…having a bit of a time jumping in to the next thing.

I want to write write write, but if I don’t get the history right I will have to rewrite it all–research calls and while I do my research I have no idea what I will be writing.

And I am waiting for my editor to get back to me.


On Wednesday I was part of a SCBWI peer review and shared my first 500 words.

My first 500 are solid but could they be better? the answer is YES! But the majority of the feedback is that it is compelling. Can’t wait to hear from my editor now.

Starting tomorrow morning I will be at the SCBWI winter conference. Three days of inspiration and instruction and I can’t wait!

Join us if you write or illustrate for kids–here is the link…

Link to conference

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