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I am taking this Wednesday to give you a few updates and reminders!


On Friday I will be interviewed by Char Margolis on her show CharVision. I will make sure to share links. It will air live on her facebook page and on UBN Radio Channel 1

Char is a psychic/medium who is also very interested in the mind body connection and healing. I can’t wait. So be sure to tune in. It will also be available afterwards on her you tube channel.

This week has been crazy busy for me. Loads of irons in the fire over here–

I have another interview on November 16 which I will share as soon as I have the info.

This week became one of reaching out and starting fresh. I wrote a piece for the Bridging the Gap Campaign that launched on Tuesday. Check out the article I wrote on Brielle, The Gilded Bellini Here. In that piece there are more links to the Campaign and to Brielle’s blog.

I signed up for my first math class in 30 some odd years. It starts Monday and I am apprehensive–I am a word person!

I am writing three guest blogs and working on blogs for this one along with my books. Tomorrow will be a writing day for the blog and I have several really cool posts to share with you in the coming weeks.

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Here is the first graphic for you and one I need a bit more of come tomorrow morning!



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