Waiting, Patience, and Character

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Waiting, patience and how your character reacts…

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I was in the market yesterday and was standing in line at the deli counter. A person walked up from the other side, ignoring the fact that I was standing waiting behind the two people currently being helped. The deli woman went and helped her not me. I had been waiting for 10 minutes while the 2 in front of me had a long dialogue about turkey and finally ordered.

I decided to jump in.

I didn’t take it and just wait again. If it had been two minutes, I might have but not yesterday. I wanted to get home. The canyon on the way home was down to one lane and I wanted to get going and hopefully miss more traffic at the end of the workday. All these things added up to me not being willing to take the mistake lying down. I was polite but firm.

Character Questions:

How do they handle being in a line? Or when someone helps someone despite them being next? Are they a mouse or aggressive when it comes to being passed over? Do they hate standing in line? Everyone I know who served in the military said they would never stand in a line again, my dad included!

If there are no lines in your book how does the character handle waiting for something? Do they have patience, the attention of a gnat or can they wait? Is anticipation fun or agony?


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