Write Your Way Back In: Step Two

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Write your way back in NExt StepEvery writer who puts a story aside comes to the time when they must write their way back in.

The next steps may seem very clear or very murky depending on how long ago it was that you began that piece.

Some authors may have notes or outlines to look at or some may just carry the idea in their head.

For me I have historical research notes, character breakdowns and the idea of where I am going next. I am going to try to just write and not second guess myself at all.

Today I am sitting here listening to hawks cry and trying to get together my next steps for my current project.

I am trying to keep blogging about this process. Not sure I can make it weekly but I will try.

Here is step two for me.

Tonight I will finish rereading the last 45 pages or so of the manuscript and tomorrow I will begin to write the rest of it.

Taking my best advice and, really, every writer’s best advice, I will…


Just write the first draft to the end.


My only worry is that I might have to do some research to make sure I am on the right track historically. I am beginning to (sort of )wish I had written a fantasy where my story didn’t have to fit into a framework of well known historical fact.

The challenge will also be to grab the voices I created with these characters and continue so they sound like themselves.

This summer I made the time to just write.

Step Two





I am giving myself a pure week or two where I don’t have to do too much that isn’t writing and hanging with my family. No errands to run. I am not looking around and seeing all the things I need to do.





Walks in the summer morning, driving lessons for our youngest, cooking and writing. We are all doing exactly what we want to do.


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