Writing Consistently

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writing consistently

How is NaNoWriMo going for you?

Today I realized it is only half way through! And though we have Thanksgiving to contend with, parties, relatives, interruptions, it isn’t until the 28th! Hard for holiday shopping but great for writers!

This piece of advice–Write Consistently–is the most often given.

You can’t make anything better unless you write it in the first place. Though it may seem in conflict with my earlier post about giving yourself a break, it isn’t. I won’t say write constantly. I will say write consistently.

Those ten minutes you spent surfing the web? Use them to write. And do you want to follow every second of the impeachment hearings? Okay maybe you do ( I know I have paid attention today). But now, I am writing.

So go write. You have the time. Go read a book. You have the time.

All the way back in December of last year I thought about where I wanted to be this time this year. I am here. I have written three drafts of a novel, 2 of a picture book, monthly newsletters (Sign up here: https://angeliquelamour.com/25-questions ) and weekly blog posts. I have spent the year being consistent. Being Devoted.

2019 was the year of devotion to writing for me and guess what? I wrote.

Make it happen for you too…where do you want to be in November of 2020? Thinking about writing? Or sitting at your desk with a finished manuscript in your hands?

I thought so.

There isn’t any time better than now.

writing consistently

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