College Drop Off Take Two

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College Drop Off 2017
This is what my rental car looked like last year

Last year I was preparing to do the college drop off with my oldest for the first time.

This year she is going back. While the preparations are calmer, we know what she needs and she has much of it, the emotions haven’t changed.

August 1st came with a crash. Summer is almost over. Where has it gone?

Youngest and Oldest are both sophomores in their respective schools. School supplies are needed and books have been bought. Now to the fun stuff.

A dear friend gave me an amazing list of necessities–including the essentials: towels. sheets, etc. Be aware that you may still need to pick up things while you are there and that things get used up over time–i.e. towels

If you want to know how I was doing last year here are two articles  here and here and here and here. College drop off is not for the faint of heart or body. Lots of patience and energy is needed. It is a time to wear your sweats(ok make yourself look cute but still tennis shoes and clothes you can move in are a must! Our move in day I was expecting hot and humid and instead it started to rain/pour as the day went on. I loaded the car, dropped off stuff then dropped the car back at the hotel across the street and wheeled the suitcases covered in trash bags over and back.

Huge learning moment: There is no room for a suitcase. I put a few suggestions in my kit

Here is a bit of  that plus a link to my kit

I put together a kit to help with the more fun stuff that might not be on the Bed Bath and Beyond list. (BBB has a list for most schools and you can register for what you need)

  1. Mini string lights
  2. electric kettle
  3. school supplies-remember there is no borrowing the stapler from mom(hey–where is mine anyway?)
  4. first aid kit–bandaids, neosporin, antiseptic wipes, etc
  5. medicine kit—-pain killer, cold stuff, gasx, imodium–all the things you use at home
  6. Brita pitcher plus filters
  7. mug
  8. flashlight
  9. tool kit(the hammer becomes important for hanging things)
  10. extra charger for phone

You can see the rest here: Freshman dorm essentials

College Drop off 2017
Check out my kit

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