How to Finish Your Writing Year Strong

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December 8th 2021.

I have written consistently over November but if you haven’t –no matter –the year isn’t done yet! You can still finish your writing year strong!

Even with Southern California Edison cutting our power without warning (yes I signed up everywhere I could for notifications-they don’t sent them)  I have remained consistent. When the SCE guys showed up at my house to do something up on the pole I unplugged my computer and continued to work!

I wrote a post at the end of October about how consistency changes my attitude towards my writing and towards myself. If I write daily or do my best to do that, I believe in myself and my story. It matters to me at a greater level. you can read more about that here: The Post

So let’s keep on track and continue to prioritize at least 10 minutes a day. Because you know that once you begin you tend to continue!


Don’t give up.


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Take yourself seriously. Give yourself the gift of consistency!


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