A Glimpse into My Past Reveals New Character Development Questions

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I love coming up with new character development questions! Read on for the newest ones…   I shared this photo a few days ago in my insta stories because it is such a microcosm of my life growing up. As … Read More

Ask Your Characters-What do you fear?

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What do you fear? It is a good question that can have many answers which affect character behavior. Some are superstitious fearing black cats, walking under ladders and the like. But what about other fears? A fear of going to … Read More

Survivor’s Guilt Type 2

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A long time ago I wrote a post on survivor’s guilt. It’s here if you care to take a look. No one talks much about PTSD with cancer survivors, I have touched on it here and here. Today…Today I discovered … Read More

Listening to Learn a New Writing Technique

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  There are dozens of craft books that are excellent. They teach writing techniques to use to plot, to develop voice, and to develop characters. Check out this link if you want my character questions and more. https://angeliquelamour.com/25-questions My latest … Read More

Stuck On A Scene? Write Your Way Out!

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Stuck? We’ve all been there. The scene isn’t working and you know it. You are stuck on a scene and seeking a way out. You may know what needs to occur (like I did this week) but hate the way … Read More

10 Questions to Develop Conflict Between Characters

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Let’s talk about conflict between characters. (This subject may seem familiar to those of you currently on my mailing list. I promise you new content in my blog as well but wanted to introduce the blog readers to the types … Read More

Can You Fail #NaNoWriMo?

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Can we just chat for a minute? If you have followed me for a bit you know that I don’t believe in writer’s block. I seem to suffer from the other side of the equation. I have too many ideas! … Read More

Keep Writing!

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Will you keep writing after NaNoWriMo? I will. The month flew by for me, and, while I had great intentions, I have to admit I got off track with my writing. Even while I was encouraging you. There was a fire. … Read More

How Do I Get My Kid To Read?

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How do I get my kid to read? Many times over the years I have been asked about how to encourage kids to read. This becomes especially vital with boys –studies have shown that if they stop reading for fun … Read More

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